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Tribal Lands of West Africa


In het kort:

This is a quintessential West Africa overland taking in some really off the beaten track destinations.

The trip revolves around the tribal lands and cultures of numerous different peoples, with a variety of village stays, walks and treks as ...

50 Dagen
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USD 6,940.00
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USD 139.00

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Tribal Lands of West Africa
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In het kort

This is a quintessential West Africa overland taking in some really off the beaten track destinations.

The trip revolves around the tribal lands and cultures of numerous different peoples, with a variety of village stays, walks and treks as well as some great local cultural experiences.

The roads are often poor and the going can be slow, but the scenery is stunning. Some of our time will be spent exploring by boat, such as local pirogues or local barges, some on foot, some on the truck. Expect spectacular waterfalls, languid lagoons, mangrove swamps, beautiful Atlantic beaches and historic towns and settlements; as well as wildlife and some great nature walks.

The trip is split into two sections; heading south we will first be travelling through Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone to the city of Freetown. The next section, takes us back into Guinea and then into Ivory Coast finally arriving at Accra in Ghana.

Dagprogramma / Reisroute

Dag 1.
Dag 2.
Dag 3.
Dag 4.
Kakum Np
Dag 5.
Dag 6.
Dag 7.
Grand Bassam
Dag 8.
Grand Bassam
Dag 9.
Grand Bassam
Dag 10.
Dag 11.
Dag 12.
Dag 13.
Western Côte D'ivoire
Dag 14.
Western Côte D'ivoire
Dag 15.
Dag 35.
Dag 36.
Northern Guinea
Dag 37.
Northern Guinea
Dag 38.
Dag 39.
Dag 40.
Cap Skirring
Dag 41.
Cap Skirring
Dag 42.
Cap Skirring
Dag 43.
Dag 44.
Dag 45.
Dag 46.
Dag 47.
Dag 48.
Dag 49.
Dag 50.

Bezochte landen (3): Ghana, Guinee, Senegal

Bezochte steden (3): Accra, Dakar, Labe



This is a pretty challenging but immensely rewarding trip. Road conditions can be very poor and the going can be slow. We will be wild camping for much of the time, as well as staying in home stays and some hotels. Do expect to be outside of your comfort zone for some of the time.



  • Immerse in the art and culture of Dakar
  • Explore atmospheric St Louis
  • Visit the stunning grand mosque of Touba
  • Spot exotic birds at Tendeba in Gambia
  • 2 days at the coastal resort of Cap Skirring
  • Overland the rough and tough roads of Guinea
  • Overnight in remote community accommodation
  • Guided 2 day trip to Fouta Djallon
  • Relax on the beaches of Freetown peninsular in Sierra Leone
  • Explore Freetown and visit the National Museum
  • Relax on the beaches of Freetown peninsula in Sierra Leone
  • Visit Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary and try and spot a rare Pygmy hippo
  • Shop for Ronko-dyed clothes in the market at Kabala
  • Try out the famous vine bridges of Guinea
  • Overland through Cote d'Ivoire
  • Visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, the largest Christian church in the world
  • Explore the old colonial town of Grand Bassam
  • Visit a supported community project in Elmina, Ghana
  • Jungle visit at Kakum NP
  • Shop at West Africa's largest market in Kumasi
  • Enjoy a fine meal and cool drink in one of Accra's many restaurants

In prijs inbegrepen

  • Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary
  • Breakfasts x 94, Lunches x 36, Dinners x 34
  • Comfortable Hotel 2 nightsGuesthouse 6 nightsCamping 12 nightsBasic Hotel 22 nightsCamping without facilities 5 nights


  • Your itinerary may include easy-paced day walks, bike rides, and other activities that are not too strenuous.
  • This is a fairly challenging trip; you may well be travelling at high altitudes, across deserts or through cold and windy or hot and steamy areas. The terrain and roads may be rough and the facilities can be very basic or non existent. There may be some long drive days followed by wild camps, and physically and mentally it can be tough, but there will be some rest days and time to relax as well.


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