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Discover China, 14 Days ~ 2 Weeks?

Visit destinations like Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Shanghai, Yangshuo, Guilin, Huangpu, Great Wall of China.

China and India are the most populous countries on the planet. Formerly communistic, China turned very capitalistic. This large country and great culture offers many superb touristy sites with the Great Wall (the only structure visible from the moon) being the most famous. Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin and Xian in particular are worth a visit. China has excellent, very fast trains and travel has become really easy. Hong Kong and Taiwan are listed separately.

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Top Destinations (China)

Below are our most visited cities, destinations and national parks in China. Click on the city for more details of the destination.


Beijing (60)

Capital of China and one of the largest, busiest and most incredible cities in the world and home of the Chinese Government. Visit the Tiananmen Square with Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and - of course - the Great Wall of China nearby. If you have the time, try the Opera or Peking Duck!


Xian (48)

Xian is an old city mostly known for the archeological finds of the Terracotta Army, a real size stone army where real people and horses are said to have posed to be carved in stone. The stone wall around the city centre also makes Xian quite unique.

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China (36)

The Great Wall of China needs no introduction. It served to protect mainland China from Mongolian invaders and took decades to build. Now it is the only structure that can be seen from the moon.


Shanghai (26)

Shanghai, the economic heart of China, has played a major role in China´s past and will do so in the future as well. You can find anything here, from local dance, traditional tea houses, nice food to luxury cars and watches. The Bund and the ´bottle opener´ are must do´s.


Yangshuo (18)

Yangshuo is a verfz interesting city of 1 million on the Li River, south of Guilin. There are lots of outdoor touristy activities as well as the West Street.


Guilin (17)

Guilin´s rural landscape is the reason to visit the area. "Bubbled" mountains cover the place and you really feel like being surrounded. Take a ride on the Li River to Yangshuo or visit the magnificent rice fields just North of the city - as many Chinese on vacation do.


Leshan (17)

Leshan is home to the Giant Buddha. This 71-metre tall stone statue, built between 713 and 803, is a thru miracle and the largest and tallest stone Buddha statue in the world.


Dunhuang (10)

Dunhuang is an old city at the very west end of the Chinese wall. It was part of an old East-West trading route. It still is very important for Buddhist because of old caves with religious inscriptions.

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Highlights of China (G Adventures)
Google Map: Highlights of China

Highlights of China

Tour Type Immerse yourself in China's vast and beautiful diversity on this 15-day tour of its cultural and natural highlights. Climb the Great Wall and stare down the Terracotta Warriors, then head south into landscapes brimming with history. Rest your gaze on the ...
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Beijing - Shanghai
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15 Days

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Beijing to Tokyo: The Great Wall & Mt Fuji (G Adventures)
Google Map: Beijing to Tokyo: The Great Wall & Mt Fuji

Beijing to Tokyo: The Great Wall & Mt Fuji

Tour Type Explore two ancient nations in 16 well-packed days on this unique journey that takes you from the epic lengths of the Great Wall of China to the poetic views of Mt Fuji. Hop aboard trains and ferries and face an army of Terracotta Warriors for a historica...
Going From/To
Beijing - Tokyo
Travel Countries
China, Japan
tour categorytour categorytour categorytour category

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USD 4,899.00

16 Days

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31-May-20244+ Spots
14-Jun-20243 Spots

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