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Discover Italy, 21 Days ~ 3 Weeks?

Visit destinations like Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Naples, Pompeii, Siena, Palermo.

Italy has a lot of "ancient culture". This culture mostly relates direct to a period 2000 years ago where Italy ruled Western Europe (Roman Empire). In the modern era you can think of music (operas), fashion, food and drinks that conquered the world (pizza, spaghetti, cappuccino) as well as the Roman Catholic religion (Vatican in heart of Rome).

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Top Destinations (Italy)

Below are our most visited cities, destinations and national parks in Italy. Click on the city for more details of the destination.


Rome (278)

There are very few cities in the world with as much history, historical buildings and artifacts as Rome. A great example is the Colosseum... But Rome is not just history, it is also the political capital of Italy and offers great eating places and places to watch-the-world-go-by.


Venice (278)

The city of Venice needs no introduction, because it is one of the best known and beloved tourist cities in the world. Major attractions are the Gondolas, the many Bridges and St. Marc´s Square. Once a year there is also the traditional Carnival with beautiful masks and dresses. A few times per year there could be flooding...


Florence (250)

Florence is a city with a long history. It was the home of Michelangelo and Leonarda da Vinci. The two major tourist attractions are the Dome and the bridge, but we can also recommend the delicious ice cream of which there are many flavours here!


Pisa (162)

Pisa and its Leaning Tower... How many people supported it from falling down or embraced it?


Naples (109)

Naples (Napoli) has a well-kept, old inner city. It is also close to the Vesuv volcano with Pompei-ruins and the Island Capri. Pizza Margarita was "invented" here.

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast (76)

The Amalfi Coast is very picturesque and lies on a steep southern shore of the Sorrentino peninsula.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre (72)

Cinque Terre ("5 Cities") is a rugged coastal area in the North-West of Italy. It is very scenic and one of the best places for a few-days hike.


Siena (69)

Siena is an old city with a magnificent square. Once a year horses have a race around it. Movies (like James Bond) are frequently recorded here. As in many Italian cities there is superb ice cream here!

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1/5 Essential Europe: Italy, Croatia & Mediterranean Magic

Tour Type Want the total European package in one epic adventure? Then yeah, this 21-day, hostel-based trip from Munich to Corfu will definitely deliver. You’ll get swept up in the magic of the Alps in Innsbruck and at Lake Misurina, before heading to Rome and Flore...
Going From/To
Munich - Corfu
Travel Countries (7)
Albania, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Montenegro
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USD 3,499.00

21 Days

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28-May-20244+ Spots
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USD 3,699.00

18 Days

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1/1 Amazing Spain Southern France and Italy

Tour Type Journey Through Elegance: Exploring Spain, France, and Italy's Rich Tapestry of Culture,
historical sites, iconic monuments and scenic beauty!
Trip Start
New York
Going From/To
Madrid - Venice
Travel Countries (3)
France, Italy, Spain
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Starting at

USD 5,144.00

Starting at

USD 5,879.00

20 Days

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