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Discover Norway, 14 Days ~ 2 Weeks?

Visit destinations like Bergen, Oslo, Sognefjord, Geiranger Fjord, Lillehammer, Flåm, Tromso, Lofoten.

Norway... From Oslo to Bergen and Hammerfest, with Fjords, Waterfalls, Mountains, Lofoten and Nordkapp. There is a lot of nature between the Southern and most Northern tip of this long stretched - but expensive - country with only 6 million people. The Great Outdoors are indeed GREAT. From walking to fishing, canoeing or camping in summer, with 24 hour daylight. Norway also has a really long winter with a lot of snow: perfect cross-country and alpine skiing conditions with the champions!

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Top Destinations (Norway)

Below are our most visited cities, destinations and national parks in Norway. Click on the city for more details of the destination.


Oslo (57)

The capital of Norway is a busy place, compared to the rest of Norway, but relaxed compared to many world cities. Tourists may like the Aker Brygge harbour with its many restaurants, the Vigeland park with its many naked statues and possibly the huge Holmenkollen ski jump.


Bergen (43)

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and known for the colourful harbour and (unfortunately) the rain. From here there are great trips to Voss and Flam.


Sognefjord (31)

The Sognefjord is nicknamed the King of the Fjords and the largest and deepest fjord in Norway.


Flåm (21)

Flåm is known for a trip called "Norway in a Nutshell", consisting of train and ferry rides.

Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger Fjord (19)

The Geiranger Fjord is famous thanks to its natural beauty and the many waterfalls. The best views can be had from Geiranger village. It is UNESCO heritage and featured on most post cards.


Nordkapp (8)

The most Northern point of Europe has a large metal globe as a proof. In summer it is memorable to stand here in the middle of the night and watch how sunset and sunrise merge over the Nordic sea, without the sun ever disappearing.


Stavanger (8)

Stavanger is a "major" city in Southwest Norway near several fjords. A very popular day trek is to climb Preikestolen (~ Preachers Chair) with magnificent views straight down an extremely steep cliff.


Trondheim (8)

Trondheim is the 3rd largest city in Norway dating back to the times of the Vikings.

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Norwegian Fjords Charms And Traditions With Stockholm (Indus)
Google Map: Norwegian Fjords Charms And Traditions With Stockholm

1/3 Norwegian Fjords Charms And Traditions With Stockholm

Tour Type Unravel the abundant beauty of sceneries in the Kingdom of Norway and experience the simultaneous contrasts of urban and nature in Stockholm!
Trip Start
New York
Going From/To
Oslo - Stockholm
Travel Countries
Norway, Sweden
tour categorytour categorytour categorytour categorytour category

Starting at

USD 2,519.00

flight Starting at

USD 3,254.00

11 Days

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Spectacular Scandinavia (Collette)
Google Map: Spectacular Scandinavia

1/2 Spectacular Scandinavia

Tour Type Watch a Nordic postcard unfold before your eyes and discover the lands where Vikings reigned. Uncover why Copenhagen is dubbed the “gastro capital of Scandinavia.” Join a local expert for an intimate tour of Stockholm, Sweden’s idyllic capital city. Exper...
Going From/To
Copenhagen - Bergen
Travel Countries
Denmark, Norway
tour categorytour categorytour category

Starting at

USD 4,799.00

14 Days

Next Departure
02-Jun-20243 Spots
09-Jun-20244+ Spots
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Focus on Scandinavia (Cosmos)
Google Map: Focus on Scandinavia

1/2 Focus on Scandinavia

Tour Type Vibrant cities, distinct cultures, and unspoiled landscapes welcome you on this Scandinavia affordable tour! You’ll visit the fascinating Nordic cities and scenic areas as well as some of its smaller and quaint towns. Experience Copenhagen, Frederikshavn,...
Going From/To
Copenhagen - Stockholm
Travel Countries (3)
Denmark, Norway, Sweden
tour categorytour category

Starting at

USD 2,499.00

12 Days

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Top of Scandinavia with Arctic Circle with Coastal Cruise (Globus)
Google Map: Top of Scandinavia with Arctic Circle with Coastal Cruise

1/1 Top of Scandinavia with Arctic Circle with Coastal Cruise

Tour Type We’re on the top of the world on this 14-day escorted tour of Scandinavia—the Arctic Circle to be exact. Explore the Land of the Midnight Sun as you travel into the exquisite beauty of from Finland to Norway. Along the way, you’ll be warmed by the traditi...
Going From/To
Helsinki - Bergen
Travel Countries
Finland, Norway
tour categorytour categorytour categorytour category

Starting at

USD 5,738.00

14 Days

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