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Germany is the largest economy in Europe. The car industry is big business and you´ll find many Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and Audi on the no—speed-limit highways. You will also find many castles, historical buildings, excellent food, "real bread", white wines plus a huge variety of beers. Whether you visit Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, whether you do a Rhine cruise or visit the Black Forest, with or without buying a cuckoo's clock... Germany welcomes you.

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Top Destinations

Below are our most visited cities, destinations and national parks in Germany.


Munich (119)

München is the 3rd largest city of Germany and a highlight to any visit. It is great to have a beer here, during or outside the "Oktober fest". If you can get tickets, you may want to see Bayern Munich, one of the top clubs in Europe. The Black Forest is nearby for relaxing...


Berlin (112)

Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany. It´s recent political history has left its marks, for example with the remainders of the Wall that separated East from West. Nowadays it is a very vibrant international city with lots of young people, startups, fashion, restaurants and art.


Passau (111)

Passau is also known as the Dreiflüssestadt ("City of Three Rivers") because the Danube is joined there by the Inn from the south and the Ilz from the north. The city exists for more than 2000 years.


Frankfurt (90)

Frankfurt am Main is a major city and hosts the largest airport of Germany. It is also a large financial centre and home to the European Bank.


Cologne (81)

Cologne (Köln) is mainly known for: the Dom (huge cathedral), the Eau de Cologne ("parfume") and the location near the river Rhine. Locals may also add the beer and the football club...


Heidelberg (80)

Heidelberg is am 800 year old university city on the Neckar river. It is a beloved touristic location thanks to its cityscape. One of the biggest tourist attractions is the Christmas market during the winter time.


Dresden (61)

Dresden is a nice city in former East-Germany. The royal buildings are among the most impressive buildings in Europe. The most prominent building in the city of Dresden is the Frauenkirche.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle (30)

Neuschwanstein Castle is located near Füssen, a small city in Bayern. It is the most famous castle in Germany and served as a model for the Walt Disney castle.

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Sample Tours (Operators with widest selection)

Highlights of Germany (Cosmos)
Google Map

1/7 Highlights of Germany

Tour Type Spectacular scenery, medieval towns, fairy-tale castles, a fascinating history, and world-class beer…this is Germany! On this comprehensive tour, you'll see Germany's highlights and visit its most famous cities, as well as its medieval towns and scenic ar...
Going From/To
Frankfurt (Round Trip)
Visited Countries
tour category

Starting at

USD 1,869.00

12 Days

Next Departure
Poland, East Germany & World War II (Globus)
Google Map

1/5 Poland, East Germany & World War II

Tour Type Whether you’re fascinated by history, heritage, or both, this moving tour of Poland and Eastern Germany traces the steps of army officers, privates, and prisoners, but also of parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents through some of the most notable ...
Going From/To
Warsaw - Munich
Visited Countries
Germany, Poland

Starting at

USD 3,079.00

13 Days

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Budapest to Paris: Bike Tours & Belgian Waffles (G Adventures)
Google Map

1/3 Budapest to Paris: Bike Tours & Belgian Waffles

Tour Type Ever wanted to see both sides of Europe in one fell swoop? This combo trip is hearing your wishes and boldly answering the call. Start in the storied dual city of Budapest before heading northwest. Be charmed by the old world architectural charms of Krakó...
Going From/To
Budapest - Paris
Visited Countries (7)
Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland
tour category

Starting at

USD 2,449.00

12 Days

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02-Jul-20232 Spots
Wonders of Italy, Vienna, Budapest and Prague (Indus)
Google Map

1/3 Wonders of Italy, Vienna, Budapest and Prague

Tour Type Head on the ultimate European adventure as you make your way through six breathtaking countries, on a journey from Italy to Germany, to see ancient ruins, imperial palaces, and so much more!
Trip Start
New York
Going From/To
Rome - Frankfurt
Visited Countries (5)
Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy

Starting at

USD 1,784.00

flight Starting at

USD 2,414.00

13 Days

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