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Spain (España) is a very sports-minded country being world class in Tennis, Football, Bicycling and others. A lot of this is thanks to the warm climate. Spain also features many fiestas and great food and drinks, like Paella, Tapas and Sangria. Do try a glas of Rioja at a Flamenco party! Geographically there are three distinct regions: a) the mainland b) the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza) and c) the Canary Islands.

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Top Destinations

Below are our most visited cities, destinations and national parks in Spain.


Barcelona (122)

Capital of Catalonia and world-famous for soccer and architecture. You must visit the cathedral Sagrada Familia, designed by Gaudi, that has been under construction since 1883. Camp Nou, where FC Barcelona resides, is an experience of a different kind.


Madrid (118)

Madrid, capital of Spain and home of the royal family. The city center with great architecture is amazingly small, with nice places to enjoy local food and wines and very walkable.


Sevilla (100)

Seville is the capital of the Andalusian region that also includes Malaga and Granada. It is very Spanish here with historical buildings, Flamenco Music & Dance, horses, Paella and Sangria. Note that it can be really hot (40°C and more) in Summer...


Granada (84)

Granada is a major tourist destination in Andalusia because of the Alhambra. The nearby Sierra Nevada mountains (3000+m altitude) allow for skiing in winter, with a unique view of the Mediterranean.


Cordoba (65)

Cordoba has a beautiful old city center with a lot of charm. The main attraction however is La Mesquita, a cathedral that started as a mosque. Note that Cordoba is one of the hottest cities in Europa in Summer (avg. 37°C).


Valencia (43)

Valencia is an import coastal city with unique architecture. It is also home to the Paella de Valencia, the original!

San Sebastian

San Sebastian (42)

San Sebastian is a great beach location with excellent food. It should be on everyone's itinerary.

Santiago De Compostela

Santiago De Compostela (39)

Santiago de Compostela is the capital of Galicia and the end point of the pilgrimage "Camini de Santiago" and the apostel James should be buried here. The journey here is different from other journeys since people like to either walk or bike.

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Sample Tours (Operators with widest selection)

Barcelona Madrid and Lisbon City Package (Indus)
Google Map

1/10 Barcelona Madrid and Lisbon City Package

Tour Type Discover all the beauty, history and diversity of Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon, the 3 jewels of the Iberian Penisula!
Trip Start
New York
Going From/To
Barcelona - Lisbon
Visited Countries
Portugal, Spain

Starting at

USD 1,574.00

flight Starting at

USD 2,204.00

14 Days

Next Departure
Spain, Portugal & Morocco: Tapas, Medinas & Sunsets (G Adventures)
Google Map

1/7 Spain, Portugal & Morocco: Tapas, Medinas & Sunsets

Tour Type When you're visiting Portugal and Spain, Morocco's just a quick trip away. So we've added this captivating North African country on a 16-day tour that spans continents. Get going with Spain's lively culture and incredible architecture (think Gaudi buildin...
Going From/To
Barcelona - Marrakesh
Visited Countries (3)
Morocco, Portugal, Spain

Starting at

USD 2,299.00

16 Days

Next Departure
16-Jun-20234+ Spots
30-Jun-20233 Spots
Fátima, Lourdes & Shrines of Spain - Faith-Based Travel (Cosmos)
Google Map

1/5 Fátima, Lourdes & Shrines of Spain - Faith-Based Travel

Tour Type Starting from picturesque Lisbon, visit some of the world’s most treasured Marian shrines, pilgrimage sites, and spiritual places of Portugal, Spain, and France. Hear about the apparition of the Blessed Virgin to the shepherd children in Fátima, learn abo...
Going From/To
Lisbon - Barcelona
Visited Countries (3)
France, Portugal, Spain
tour religion

Starting at

USD 1,969.00

12 Days

Next Departure
Spain & Portugal: Costa del Sol to the Portuguese Riviera (Collette)
Google Map

1/4 Spain & Portugal: Costa del Sol to the Portuguese Riviera

Tour Type From bustling cities to peaceful stays on the Mediterranean coast, get a true taste of the Iberian Peninsula. Explore Málaga on a walking tour, where you can taste some of the delicacies of this southern Spanish region. Visit Frigiliana and Nerja, two of ...
Going From/To
Malaga - Cascais
Visited Countries
Portugal, Spain
tour category

Starting at

USD 2,999.00

12 Days

Next Departure
18-Jun-20232 Spots
Iberian Discovery & Morocco (Globus)
Google Map

1/3 Iberian Discovery & Morocco

Tour Type Variety is the spice of life—and of every great vacation. In addition to the ports, sherries, and sangrias for which Spain and Portugal are famous, this tour of the Iberian Peninsula adds the tantalizing taste of Morocco to your rich itinerary. Following ...
Going From/To
Madrid (Round Trip)
Visited Countries (3)
Morocco, Portugal, Spain

Starting at

USD 2,749.00

13 Days

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