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Switzerland is a rich country thanks to its location in the centre of Europe and its hard-working people. It's famous snow-covered mountains and lakes are picture perfect and featured in many Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Get your next watch in Geneva, visit beautiful Bern or Luzern, be active in Interlaken or shop in Zurich, St. Moritz or Locarno. Switzerland is not cheap. It's bank notes are in German, French, Italian and Romanch: the 4 Swiss official languages.

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Top Destinations

Below are our most visited cities, destinations and national parks in Switzerland.


Lucerne (109)

Most international visitors will make a stop in Luzern. The city offers the old Kapellbrücke as well as old buildings, murals, houses, souvenirs shops, a stone lion and lots more. Just around the corner are the Vierwaldtstättersee (aka Lake Lucerne) and the mountains with Rigi, Pilatus and Titlis the best known.


Basel (74)

Basel is a city on the River Rhine, bordering France and Germany. It is Switzerland's third-most-populous city and home of the pharmaceutical industry. Basel is commonly considered to be the cultural capital of Switzerland with a variety of museums and the zoo.


Zurich (65)

Zürich is the financial capital and largest city of Switzerland. You'll find the head quarters of major banks, insurances etc here. Tourists may like the old city, the lake and summer festivals. The "Gold Coast" hosts several international celebrities.


Geneva (37)

Geneva is probably the most international city in Switzerland: several global organisations (e.g. United Nations, World Trade Organisation & Red Cross) and corporations have their head quarters here. For tourists the Jet d´Eau ("water fountain"), the many quality watch stores, the large Lake and the vicinity to France are most obvious.


Interlaken (33)

In the heart of the Bernese Alps Interlaken is very well visited by tourists. And with good reason. The vicinity to the mountains, the abundance of activities and the excellent shopping make this a place well worth visiting. From here it is a short trip to Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen for more scenery, waterfalls and the Jungfraujoch.


Bern (18)

Bern is the capital and political center of Switzerland. Furthermore it is a beautiful place both for visitors and residents. The old city is preserved and listed on UNESCO. Don´t miss the clock tower around noon, the cathedral or the bears in their bear park. Or just enjoy watching a game of chess in front of the government building with kids splashing in the fountains...


Zermatt (18)

Very few cars are allowed in this village in the Swiss Valais-region. Only for the better! It is nice to stroll and admire the buildings or have a drink. Worldfamous - ofcourse - is Zermatt´s house mountain: the Matterhorn. Indeed it is picturesque. You can view it safely from the Gornergratt or climb it with a guide, but be aware that others tried as well and some ended up in the local grave yard....

Sankt Moritz

Sankt Moritz (16)

St. Moritz is known for the Olympic games, the movies that it appeared in and the international jet-set that lives here. This is an exclusive and expensive place! There is some special fun here in winter: alpine skiing, walking and the horse race over the lake. St. Moritz is part of the Graubünden area, where people speak "Romantsch", the 4th official language of Switzerland.

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