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Is Belgium the most European country within Europe? Probably Yes. Dutch-speaking Vlaanderen, French-speaking Wallonia, German-speaking Eastern Luttich and multi-lingual Bruxelles that acts as the unofficial capital of EU and NATO. Belgium is also known for it's delicious chocolate, 250 types of beer and patates frites. Don't miss Brugge/Gent, Antwerp or Leuven on your next trip either.

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Top Destinations

Below are our most visited cities, destinations and national parks in Belgium.


Bruges (33)

Bruges (Brugge) is a beautiful city in Western Vlaanderen. Lots of tourists visit the medieval city center and admire the buildings of 17th century. There is also a lot of excellent Belgium Chocolate and 250 kinds of Belgium Beer! Catch a boat ride here or in the nearby city of Gent.


Brussels (33)

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and by some standards also the capital of the European Union (because the parliament resides here). Tourist will enjoy both the bi-lingual, international position and ancient market square in the city center. A "must see" is also "manneke pis", a little guy that cannot stop peeing...


Antwerp (26)

Antwerp is the 2nd largest city of Belgium. It features a major international harbor as well as one of the diamond centers of the world. The old railway station is also worth a visit where trains depart from 4 vertical (!) levels.


Gent (16)

Gent is a beautiful city in Western Vlaanderen. Lots of tourists visit the medieval city center and admire the buildings that date back to the 12th century. Gent is birthplace of Carl the Great, who was the ruler of a large part of Europe around 1500 AD. Catch a boat ride here or in the nearby city of Brugge.


Liège (4)

Liege = Luik = Lüttich. 3 Local Names for the same city, a city in the middle between 3 Cultures. The city is also the starting point for tours in the Ardennes or nearby Luxembourg.

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Amazing Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris (Indus)
Google Map

1/2 Amazing Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris

Tour Type Travel to three of the most popular cities in Europe, known for their rich cultures, fascinating architecture, and lavish landscapes, with this unforgettable tour of Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris!
Trip Start
New York
Going From/To
Amsterdam - Paris
Visited Countries (3)
Belgium, France, Netherlands

Starting at

USD 1,102.00

flight Starting at

USD 1,784.00

7 Days

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Berlin to Paris: Bike Rides & Big Nights (G Adventures)
Google Map

1/1 Berlin to Paris: Bike Rides & Big Nights

Tour Type Ah, a relaxing week’s vacation in Old Europa. What could be finer? Don’t ask anyone who’s taken this trip! Our six-day odyssey across four countries is a blur of beauty, culture, and adventure from start to finish, with loads of optional activities to pic...
Going From/To
Berlin - Paris
Visited Countries (4)
Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands
tour category

Starting at

USD 1,249.00

6 Days

Next Departure
10-Jun-20233 Spots
24-Jun-20231 Spots
Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium (Globus)
Google Map

1/1 Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium

Tour Type Tiptoe through the tulips, tread through famous battlegrounds, and sprint to the irresistible bonbons on this aromatic tour. Three nights in Amsterdam, two nights each in Luxembourg and Brussels, plus one night in the medieval town of Bruges is the perfec...
Going From/To
Amsterdam - Brussels
Visited Countries (3)
Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Starting at

USD 2,739.00

9 Days

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