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Ecuador has lots to offer on a small area, like colonial cities, Indian markets, active volcanos and the Amazon forest. Real highlights in South-America are the capital Quito and the Galapagos islands, the #2 and #3 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Just south of Quito you can pass the Equator, where the country takes it's name from.

Top Destinations

Below are our most visited cities, destinations and national parks in Ecuador.


Quito (186)

Quito is the old capital of Ecuador and a very pleasant place for tourists. There is lots to see and do, including people watching and local markets. Quito was one of the very first cities to be on the UNESCO heritage list!

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands (110)

The Galapagos Islands have no equivalent in the world. The volcanic islands are located 1000 kms west of Ecuador - with nothing in between. This distance made it possible and necessary for all animal life to adjust to the harsh conditions on the islands. Charles Darwin used this for his evolution theory (that conflicted with Adam and Eve...). Because of the distance people did not know about the islands and regular visits only exists for a few hundred years... a very short time in nature´s history. Animals are not afraid of humans and just sit there... a strange experience!


Otavalo (70)

Otavalo is known for the colourful market with local people and lots of souvenirs. Be aware of pickpockets!


Guayaquil (68)

Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador, it's main port and a gateway to the Galapagos, by air and by ship.


Cuenca (67)

Cuenca is a pleasant little city, just south of the volcanos. The cathedral is beautiful. It is also nice to see the laundry all spread out near the river.


Banos (25)

Baños de Agua Santa (aka Baños) is a major tourist center in eastern Ecuador. It is known as the "Gateway to the Amazon," as it is the last city still before reaching the jungle in the Amazon River basin.


Cotopaxi (19)

Cotopaxi is a volcano in the heart of Ecuador. At almost 5900 m is one of the highest in the world. You may see alpacas and other camels here.

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Sample Tours (Operators with widest selection)

Local Living Ecuador—Amazon Jungle (G Adventures)
Google Map

1/16 Local Living Ecuador—Amazon Jungle

Tour Type The Amazon Rainforest is so full of life; embrace it for yourself during a week unlike any other. From Quito, you’ll travel to your new home in the jungle and meet the Quichua family who will host you for the next four nights. Discover waterfalls on jungl...
Going From/To
Quito (Round Trip)
Visited Countries

Starting at

USD 849.00

7 Days

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17-Jun-20234+ Spots
15-Jul-20234+ Spots
Essential Quito and Galapagos (Indus)
Google Map

1/7 Essential Quito and Galapagos

Tour Type Explore Quito, the capital of the Andes, and discover the rich biodiversity of the Galapagos in Santa Cruz!
Going From/To
Quito - Galapagos Islands
Visited Countries

Tour Variations:

Essential Guayaquil and Galapagos Islands

Starting at

USD 1,102.00

6 Days

Next Departure
Independent Galapagos cruise aboard the Galápagos Legend (Globus)
Google Map

1/2 Independent Galapagos cruise aboard the Galápagos Legend

Tour Type How deep is your love of adventure? Is it deep enough to follow the course of Charles Darwin to discover your own love affair with the wildlife paradise of the Galápagos Islands? If so, this Independence by Globus vacation in South America is pointing you...
Going From/To
Quito - Guayaquil
Visited Countries
tour categorytour categorytour categorytour categorytour category

Tour Variations:

Independent Galapagos at the Finch Bay Resort

Starting at

USD 4,319.00

7 Days

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