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Discover Portugal, 7 Days ~ 1 Week?

Visit destinations like Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Coimbra, Fatima, Cascais, Funchal, Ponte Delgada.

Portugal is truly one of the best countries to live in the world, with very old cities, excellent wines and the "Language of the Angels". Porto in the North and Lisbon are gems that should be on everyone's "to-do list" just like the famous egg tarts should be on everyone's "must-eat list". The Algarve in the South is fairly wild and has lots of great beaches. Oh, most people do speak excellent English here as well...

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Top Destinations (Portugal)

Below are our most visited cities, destinations and national parks in Portugal. Click on the city for more details of the destination.


Lisbon (134)

Lisbon is the great and friendly capital of Portugal. The old yellow trams are pretty, but don't forget the many bars, the yummy-yummy egg tarts (@ Porte de Belém) and local music. It is a little bit hilly, but a true highlight.


Porto (114)

Porto is the second largest city of Portugal and known for its wine ('Port'). The Douru (a river and valley east of Porto) is the oldest wine region in the world.


Coimbra (54)

Coimbra is a former capital and the 4th largest city of Portugal. The university is visited by many tourists for its monuments and history. Its historical buildings were classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.


Faro (49)

Faro is the capital of the Algarve Region, the most southern part of Portugal with interesting cliffs and beach life.


Fatima (49)

Fatima is a pilgrimage city for Christians after children had seen Mary approx. 100 years ago.


Funchal (13)

The Atlantic island of Madeira, with capital Funchal, is a popular year-round resort, being visited every year by about 1.4 million tourists, almost five times its population.

Ponte Delgada

Ponte Delgada (13)

Ponte Delgada is the capital of the Azores archipelago.

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Hiking in Madeira (G Adventures)

1/5 Hiking in Madeira

Tour Type When you think about a series of islands that’s famous for its wine and sunshine, your initial reaction probably isn’t to hike all across it. We’re here to prove that it should be. Immerse yourself in Madeira’s mesmerizing flavours, volcanic landscapes, a...
Going From/To
Funchal (Round Trip)
Travel Countries
tour category

Starting at

USD 1,079.00

6 Days

Next Departure
25-May-20244+ Spots
08-Jun-20241 Spots
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Lisbon to Madrid Escape (Globus)
Google Map: Lisbon to Madrid Escape

1/5 Lisbon to Madrid Escape

Tour Type What could be better than spending eight days in Portugal and Spain? Spending them during the off season when crowds are fewer and travel prices are lower! Begin your European vacation in Lisbon to enjoy guided sightseeing through the Imperial history of ...
Going From/To
Lisbon - Madrid
Travel Countries
Portugal, Spain

Starting at

USD 1,499.00

8 Days

Next Departure
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Amazing Portugal and Santiago De Compostela (Indus)
Google Map: Amazing Portugal and Santiago De Compostela

1/5 Amazing Portugal and Santiago De Compostela

Tour Type Discover most beautiful areas of North and Central Portugal as well as the pilgrimage city
of Santiago de Compostela in Spain!
Trip Start
New York
Going From/To
Lisbon (Round Trip)
Travel Countries
tour category

Starting at

USD 1,417.00

flight Starting at

USD 2,099.00

9 Days

Next Departure
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Lisbon, Seville & Madrid (Cosmos)
Google Map: Lisbon, Seville & Madrid

1/1 Lisbon, Seville & Madrid

Tour Type This affordable tour of Spain and Portugal introduces you to fascinating Iberian cities and exciting cultural discoveries. Spend three nights in Madrid, two nights in both Seville and Lisbon, and one night in Coimbra and enjoy sightseeing with a Local Gu...
Going From/To
Madrid (Round Trip)
Travel Countries
Portugal, Spain
tour category

Starting at

USD 1,379.00

9 Days

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