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Ancient Civilisations Explored



As the title suggests, this trip really explores the ancient cultures of Northern Africa. It travels between Cairo and Addis Ababa, two of Africa's great modern day cities. But along the way it passes through the lands and history of three great cultures....

49 Days
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Ancient Civilisations Explored
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As the title suggests, this trip really explores the ancient cultures of Northern Africa. It travels between Cairo and Addis Ababa, two of Africa's great modern day cities. But along the way it passes through the lands and history of three great cultures.

The most obvious is the land of Ancient Egypt, and we have over 18 days to explore the Egyptian Nile Valley and it's myriad of ancient relics, such as the Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara, Thebes, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, Aswan and of course Abu Simbel. We also make time to explore the Nile by an overnight Felucca trip.

The next of the great cultures is the least known, the Kushite Kingdom of Sudan's Nubian Desert and this is where we really come into our own, as our overland vehicle and camping equipment, allow us to camp out in the desert at some of Africa's finest ruins. Finally, we have over three weeks to really get to grips with Northern Ethiopia, its mountains, deserts and its wonderfully ancient Christian culture.

Short Itinerary

Day 1.
Day 2.
Day 3.
Day 4.
Day 5.
Port Said
Day 6.
Day 7.
El Quseir
Day 8.
Marsa Alam
Day 9.
Marsa Alam
Day 10.
Marsa Alam
Day 11.
Day 12.
Day 13.
Day 14.
Day 15.
Nile Felucca
Day 34.
Simien Mountains Np
Day 35.
Day 36.
Day 37.
Day 38.
Danakil Depression
Day 39.
Day 40.
Day 41.
Day 42.
Day 43.
Awra Amba
Day 44.
Bahir Dar
Day 45.
Bahir Dar
Day 46.
Bahir Dar
Day 47.
Debre Markos
Day 48.
Addis Ababa
Day 49.
Addis Ababa

Visited Countries (3): Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan

Visited cities (11): Abu Simbel, Addis Abeba, Alexandria, Aswan, Axum, Bahir Dar, Cairo, Gondar, Khartoum, Lalibela, Luxor



Absolutely, if you love discovery and are prepared to get out of your comfort zone and to go way off the beaten track across the Sudanese deserts and mountains of Ethiopia. A very well paced journey with loads of time to explore and a great mix of hotels, hostels and camping. Be prepared that some of the accommodation can be fairly basic.



  • See the mummy of Rameses II in the Cairo Museum
  • Guided tour of the pyramids, tombs and other wonders of Egypt
  • Explore the ancient city of Alexandria
  • See the famous Suez canal
  • Relax on the beach of the Red Sea resort, Marsa Alam
  • Marvel at the incredible sights of Luxor
  • Explore the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings
  • Guided tour of the Temple of Horus at Edfu
  • Enjoy an overnight trip in a traditional felucca on the river Nile
  • 2 days in Aswan to explore the history and sights
  • Marvel at the temples of Rameses and Nefetari at Abu Simbel
  • Wild camp in the Sahara desert of Sudan
  • Guided visit of the Meroe pryamids
  • Wander around the bustling and fascinating city of Khartoum
  • Guided tour of the fascinating ancient royal city of Gondar, Ethiopia
  • 3 nights in the fabulously scenic Simien Mountains NP
  • Spot geladas, ibex, Ethiopian wolves and many other endemic species
  • Guided tour of palaces and temples in historic Axum
  • 2 day 4 x 4 adventure to the spectacular Danakil Depression
  • Guided tour of the ancient rock hewn and churches and monastries in Lalibela
  • Boat trip on Lake Tana to witness the source of the Blue Nile
  • Drive the dramatic roads of the Blue Nile gorge
  • Explore chaotic and bustling Addis Ababa

Included in Price

  • Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary
  • Breakfasts x 98, Lunches x 24, Dinners x 24
  • Comfortable Hotel 15 nightsBasic Hotel 18 nightsCamping 1 nightMultishare Hostel 3 nightsOvernight Boat 1 nightCamping without facilities 10 nights


  • Depending on the trip, activities may include treks of 3-4 hours at altitude or across hilly terrain, multi-day treks at sea level, horseback riding, canoeing and other adventurous activities. A moderate level of fitness is required.
  • This is a trip for people with a real sense of adventure. You will be camping for the majority of the trip and the trip will include many long drive days and wild camps. The terrain may be very rough and the roads and facilities may be very basic or non existent. The itinerary may be very flexible.

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Tour Cairo Addis Abeba

This is an Organised Group Tour: the itinerary has been predefined by the tour operator. The tour destinations, duration, accommodations, departure dates and the price are fix. You can join, enjoy and meet other people.

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