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Bolivia & Chile's Atacama Desert



From La Paz to the Uyuni Salt Flats, discover two of the New World's oldest nations 

12 Days
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Exodus Travel
Bolivia & Chile's Atacama Desert
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Small Group Tour with More Flexibility
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18 - 99 Years


From La Paz to the Uyuni Salt Flats, discover two of the New World's oldest nations 

Short Itinerary

Day 1.
La Paz
Day 2.
La Paz 
Day 3.
La Paz / Lake Titicaca
Day 4.
Sun Island / Copacabana / La Paz
Day 5.
La Paz / Sucre 
Day 6.
Sucre / Potolo
Day 7.
Sucre / Potosi / Uyuni
Day 8.
Uyuni Salt Flat
Day 9.
Uyuni / Laguna Hedionda
Day 10.
Abaroa National Reserve: Red Lagoon & Green Lagoon...
Day 11.
Day 12.

Visited Countries (2): Bolivia, Chile

Visited cities (6): Calama, La Paz, Potosi, San Pedro De Atacama, Sucre, Uyuni



An in-depth discovery of these fascinating countries! Landlocked in the high Andes, Bolivia is a simply breathtaking destination. Home to some of the oldest cultures in the New World, the largest lake on the continent, the most dramatic landscapes in Latin America, and a bevy of unique wildlife, Bolivia offers the adventurous traveler a multitude of natural and cultural wonders. On this comprehensive tour, visit La Paz, the world’s highest capital city; cruise along legendary Lake Titicaca; stroll through colonial Potosi and Sucre; and marvel at the glittering white expanse of the Uyuni Salt Flats. Continue to Chile’s Atacama Desert – a sparsely populated plateau extending from the Pacific to the high antiplano. Spend three days immersed in the beauty of Atacama, which boasts turquoise lakes, red plains, shifting dunes, stark volcanoes and one of the world’s largest saltpan — Salar de Atacama — a magnet for three species of flamingos: Andean, Chilean and James.



  • * Enjoy spectacular stargazing - your stay in the Atacama is timed to coincide with the darkest nights of the month * Visit the magnificent colonial cities of Potosi & Sucre, both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites * Discover the cosmic center of the Incan world—Lake Titicaca—and visit the Isla del Sol, the island where the Incan sun god is said to have emerged from the icy deep to create the universe * Photograph a variety of stunning subjects from towering volcanoes & extraordinary landscapes to graceful colonial architecture & vibrant markets frequented by colorfully clad locals * Stay in the Hotel De Sal Luna, this unique property is built almost entirely of salt and is situated on the edge of the Uyuni Salt Flat — a spectacular salt pan that stretches to the horizon in a glittering sea of crystals * Explore the remote, otherworldly landscapes of the Atacama Desert, home to geysers, colorful thermal pools, bizarre rock formations, steaming fumaroles & the stark lunar-like vistas of Moon Valley
  • Included in Price

  • All breakfasts, 10 lunches and 10 dinners included.Bolivian cuisine is a fusion between Spanish and Andean traditions and varies from one region to another. In the lowlands fruit, vegetables, yucca and fish are abundant whereas in the altiplano these are less readily available and there are more spiced dishes to combat the cold. Bolivian cuisine has a reputation for its meat dishes but corn (maize), quinoa and potatoes are also part of the staple diet.Common street food and snacks include ‘salteñas’ (baked pastries filled with spiced meat or vegetables), ‘buñuelos’ (sweet or savoury bread – often stuffed with cheese) and ‘papas rellenas’ (deep-fried battered stuffed potatoes).Popular main dishes include ‘pique a lo macho’ (a kind of beef stir-fry, served with chunky chips), ‘picante de pollo’ (spicy chicken) and ‘tucumanas’ (a sort of pasty). In Sucre try ‘mondongo’ (a dish made of chicharron – crispy fried pork usually accompanied by corn, potatoes and a rich chilli sauce) and in La Paz check out a ‘sandwich de chola’ (pork sandwich).
  • NOT included in price

  • * Travel insurance * Single accommodation (available on request)  * Visas or vaccinations
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    Tour La Paz Calama

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