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Buenos Aires, Brazil & the Guyanas



75 Days
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USD 11,050.00
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USD 147.00

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Buenos Aires, Brazil & the Guyanas
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Group Size
0 - 26
Age Group
18 - 99 Years


Short Itinerary

Day 1.
Boa Vista
Day 2.
Day 3.
Day 4.
Iwokrama Forest
Day 5.
Iwokrama Forest
Day 6.
Day 7.
Day 8.
Day 9.
Nieuw Nickerie
Day 10.
Bigi Pan
Day 11.
Day 12.
Upper Suriname Area
Day 13.
Upper Suriname Area
Day 14.
Day 15.
Day 60.
Day 61.
Day 62.
Day 63.
Campo Grande
Day 64.
Day 65.
Day 66.
Day 67.
Day 68.
Day 69.
Foz Do Iguacu
Day 70.
Foz Do Iguacu
Day 71.
Foz Do Iguacu
Day 72.
Day 73.
Buenos Aires
Day 74.
Buenos Aires
Day 75.
Buenos Aires

Visited Countries (5): Argentina, Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname

Visited cities (15): Belem, Boa Vista, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Campo Grande, Cayenne, Foz Do Iguacu, Georgetown, Olinda, Ouro Preto, Pantanal, Paramaribo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, Sao Luis




  • Practice your dance steps in the birthplace of Tango
  • Explore the bars and cafes of Buenos Aires
  • Visit the Jesuit ruins at San Ignacio de Mini
  • Boat trips, forest hikes and helicopter rides over Iguazu Falls
  • 3 nights to enjoy the crystal clear waters and caves around Bonito
  • 2 night ranch visit and wildlife safari into the Pantanal
  • Boat trip to explore emerald coast islands around Paraty
  • Explore the beautiful UNESCO town of Paraty
  • Discover the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro
  • Head underground into the gold mines of Ouro Preto
  • Guided tour of the futuristic city of Brasilia
  • Wander the streets of fascinating Lencois
  • 2 full days to explore the beautiful Chapada Diamantina National Park
  • Relax on the beach or take some surfing lessons in the eco coastal resort of Itacare
  • Sample the street food of Salvador
  • Hike in the stunning Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park
  • Visit 'small Lisbon' the beautiful town of Olinda
  • Relax on the pink sand dunes of Canoa Quebrada
  • Wander around the sandy streets of Jericoacoara
  • Explore the stunning Lencois Maranhenses NP
  • Enjoy a swim in the lagoons of the National park
  • Explore the colonial town of Belem, where the amazon reaches the Atlantic
  • Half day walking tour of Cayenne, capital of French Guiana
  • Take an optional boat trip around Devil's Island
  • Tour to the International Space Station
  • Explore the intriguing St Laurent du Maroni
  • Take a Sunset boat trip to spot dolphins on Suriname river
  • Walk around fascinating Paramaribo
  • Explore deep into Suriname jungle
  • Overnight in jungle cabins
  • Take some photos in bustling Georgetown
  • Go deep into the rain forest for a canopy walk

Included in Price

  • Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary
  • Breakfasts x 112, Lunches x 60, Dinners x 60
  • Basic Hotel 19 nightsCamping 22 nightsGuesthouse 4 nightsComfortable Hotel 21 nightsMultishare Hostel 6 nights


  • Depending on the trip, activities may include treks of 3-4 hours at altitude or across hilly terrain, multi-day treks at sea level, horseback riding, canoeing and other adventurous activities. A moderate level of fitness is required.
  • This is a fairly challenging trip; you may well be travelling at high altitudes, across deserts or through cold and windy or hot and steamy areas. The terrain and roads may be rough and the facilities can be very basic or non existent. There may be some long drive days followed by wild camps, and physically and mentally it can be tough, but there will be some rest days and time to relax as well.

Travel Package

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Tour Boa Vista Buenos Aires

This is an Organised Group Tour: the itinerary has been predefined by the tour operator. The tour destinations, duration, accommodations, departure dates and the price are fix. You can join, enjoy and meet other people.



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