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Enchanting Autumn Tibet+nyingchi


Visit China: Chengdu, Chongqing, Gyantse, Lhasa, Shigatse

11 Days
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± USD 2,076.00
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Chan Brothers
Enchanting Autumn Tibet+nyingchi
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Visit China: Chengdu, Chongqing, Gyantse, Lhasa, Shigatse

Enchanting Autumn Tibet+nyingchi (Chan Brothers)

Short Itinerary / Route

Day 1
Singapore - Chengdu
Day 2
Chengdu - Nyingchi
Day 3
Day 4
Nyingchi – Mila Mountain –
Day 5
Day 6
Lhasa –
Day 7
Lhasa –
Day 8
Shigatse – Tashilunpo Monastery – Tibetan Mastiff ...
Day 9
Lhasa - Qinghai-Tibet Railway
Day 10
Qinghai - Tibet Railway – Xining - Chengdu
Day 11


Travel Cities (5): Chengdu, Chongqing, Gyantse, Lhasa, Shigatse


(Tour Code: CN11TL)
Departure: Jul-Dec 2023
May-June: Catch the Magnificent and colorful Tibet where the hills of Nyingchi are adorned with the stunning and vibrant colors of rhododendron flowers Sep-Oct Late Autumn: Discover enchanting beauty of Nyingchi where the region is transformed into a spectacular display of red foliage reflecting against the snow-capped peaks

4N Stay at International 5* Shangri-La Hotel
GUARANTEE Soft sleeper (4-berth train cabin) on Qinghai-Tibet Railway*

Explore Enchanting Tibet:
• Get to view the peak of Namcha Barwa in the distant, admire the enchanting of Autumn season in Tibet’s mountains
• View the natural scenery at the eastern Tibetan primitive forest, Lulang Forest. enjoy the natural scenery of Niyang River Valley during the journey
• Visit the most beautiful lake in Tibet, Basong Lake, also known as “The Switzerland of Tibet”
• Be mesmerised by the picturesque scenery around the dreamy Tibetan holy lakes Namtso Lake* & Yamdrok Lake – located at the foot of the snow peaks
• Visit the landmark of Lhasa –the Potala Palace.It is the ancient time castle-style architectures with the highest altitude
• Go on a tour of Potala Square by night and feel the allure of Potala under the moonlight
• Specially-arranged tour of Makye Ame, said to be the sixth Dalai Lama’s secret meeting place
• Visit the 1,350-year-old Jokhang Temple, regarded as a sacred place to Tibetan Buddhists
• Explore Lhasa’s most bustling pedestrian street, Barkhor Street to browse various Tibetan handicrafts
• View Tashilhunpo Monastery, the final resting place for Panchen Lama and one of the six major monasteries of the yellow sect
• Complimentary tour of the Park of Oriental Miraculous Mastiff to view Tibetan Mastiffs which are as huge as donkeys, run as fast as tigers and roar as loud as lions

11D Tour Inclusion: Board the world’s highest Qinghai-Tibet Railway; enjoy the stunning highland and snowy landscape during the train journey, GUARANTEE Soft sleeper (4-berth train cabin)

Delicate service for highland (Lhasa sector):
✔Special arrangement of professional highland doctors for consultation service in the hotel
✔Free bottles of oxygen provided on the coach

Delicacy cuisine:
★Tibetan Tsampa ★Butter Tea ★Yogurt ★Yak Meat ★ Highland Barley Wine ★ Mushroom Steamboat ★ NyingChi Stone Pot Chicken ★Nepal Meal Flavor ★Tibetan Western Meal ★ Shangri-La Hotel Buffet


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  • COVID-19 Protection Benefits
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