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Fujian + Mt.wuyi


Visit China: Fuzhou, Shantou, Xiamen

8 Days
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± USD 1,416.00
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± USD 177.00
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  • Chan Brothers
Chan Brothers
Fujian + Mt.wuyi
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Visit China: Fuzhou, Shantou, Xiamen

Fujian + Mt.wuyi (Chan Brothers)

Short Itinerary / Route

Day 1
Singapore - Xiamen—Dongshan—Shantou
Day 2
Day 3
Chaozhou—Hua’An Earthen House—Zhangzhou—Xiamen
Day 4
Day 5
Xiamen — Mt Wuyi
Day 6
Mt Wuyi
Day 7
Mt Wuyi — Xiamen
Day 8
Xiamen - Singapore


Travel Cities (3): Fuzhou, Shantou, Xiamen


(CN8FF: Effective from Mar 2023 onwards)
Xiamen/Dongshan/Shantou/Chaozhou/Earthen Houses + Mt Wuyi

Attractions with new experiences:
• The Wuyuan Bay Leisure District: walk along wetland wooden board and enjoy the sightseeing of seaside area;
• Gulangyu Island: The garden on the sea,which was also called ”the music island”.You will see the multi-nation Architecture Exhibition,
• Dongshan Island: Tongshan Ancient City, Fengdongshi (Stone Wind),
• Hua’an Earthen House: Visit Er’yi Lou,the only Tulou that can be climbed which is also the largest one among thousands of Earthen Houses in Fujian,
• Mt Wuyi: a UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage site,
• Zhangzhou: sample seasonal fruits.

Stay at local 5* hotels throughout

Special meals arranged:
Dongshan Seafood, Chaoshan 18-style flavors, Chaozhou flavors, Authentic Fujian cuisine, Authentic Earthen House Cuisine, Mt Wuyi flavors, Xiamen Wei You Duck Meesua, Taste Seasonal Fruits in Zhangzhou

Free snacks:
Xiamen: Yap’s Glutinous Rice ball, Spring Rolls (Bao Bing)
Zhangzhou: “Taiwan Specialty” – Green Tea Taro Cake, Peanuts
Chaozhou: Traditional Sweet Preserves – Foshou, Salty Titbits
Shantou: “Local Specialty Snack” – Soon Kueh Dumplings, Gingko Ginger Soup
Mt Wuyi: White Fungus, Russule, Matsutake Soup


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  • FREE Cancellation & Flexible Refund
  • Genuinely inclusive, no additional on tour costs
  • COVID-19 Protection Benefits
  • Safety & Hygiene Protocols

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