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South Korean Soul


Ready to ride that K-wave? This is the South Korea trip you’ve been waiting for – with military history, majestic mountain views and a few robots in between. You’ll discover Seoul with local guides, zoom on a high-speed train, go extra authentic in Jeonju...

9 Days
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South Korean Soul
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18 - 35 Years
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Map: South Korean Soul (Contiki)


Ready to ride that K-wave? This is the South Korea trip you’ve been waiting for – with military history, majestic mountain views and a few robots in between. You’ll discover Seoul with local guides, zoom on a high-speed train, go extra authentic in Jeonju, and even star in your own K-pop video(!) With a night time boat tour, baseball, BBQs and plenty of delicious street food.

Day 1
Start Seoul
Day 2
Day 3
Seoul And Dmz
Day 4
Seoul To Busan
Day 5
Day 6
Busan To Jeonju
Day 7
Jeonju To Seoul - Hongdae
Day 8
Seoul - Hongdae
Day 9
End Seoul - Hongdae

Travel Cities (3): Jeonju, Pusan, Seoul


Dining Summary

  • 8 Breakfast (B)
  • 1 Lunch (L)
  • 1 Dinner (D)

Included Experience

  • Seoul: Of all the traditional Korean experiences (and believe us, there are a lot of ’em) this might just be the coolest. Don’t miss your chance to visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of 5 Royal Palaces in Seoul from the old ruling dynasty. We’ll also dress up in the Traditional Hanbok dress too.
  • Seoul: Once home to hand-made shoe craftsmen, Seongsu is now one of Seoul’s most exciting shopping districts where you’ll find small cafes, pop-up shops and beautiful green space AKA Seoul Forest. You and your crew will have the chance to get lunch here, plus pick up some souvenirs for your fave folks back home.
  • The DMZ: The DMZ remains an active Military installation, and we’ll visit for a Peace Tour which includes the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, the Dora Observatory (where you can see over into North Korea if the weather is right) and then to the Unification Village. The tour is semi-private with a local guide, and we’ll travel through the zone in a military shuttle.
  • Seoul: One end of the country to the other in just two-and-a-half hours? With superfast Wi-Fi and spectacular views? That’s right, you can’t explore South Korea without getting on a high-speed train.
  • Busan: Our local guide will show us Busan's best spots. For lunch, you’ll get to visit the international market where you’ll find a plethora of different fish dishes from across the continent.
    Busan is famous for being one of the only regions not to fall to the North Koreans during the war in the 50s. The Gamcheon Village was settled by refugees during the Korean War; it’s since had a refresh and is now known for it’s bright coloured buildings and awesome art school vibes.
  • Jeonju: On our way to Jeonju, we’ll stop off at a traditional Hanok and bask in the mountain views. BTS filmed a music video here too, so this is the perfect place to follow in their footsteps. You’ll also have a chance to check out the onsite café and art gallery before we make our way to Jeonju.
  • Jeonju: We’ll tuck into a traditional bibimbap that Jeonju is famous for. Served warm in a brass bowl, with chilli on the side, there’s a chance that your meal will be delivered to you by robot (but we can’t make any promises).
  • Seoul: We’ll hit the Gangnam District, made famous by Psy, for a bit of shopping, browsing and posing in front of the Gangnam hands. Don’t miss coffee served by robots, or your chance to order an ice block from one of the many vending machines. Gangnam is home to lots of K-Wave stars too so keep your eyes peeled (and have your autograph book at the ready).
  • Seoul: This afternoon, we’ll slow things down and take time to learn about the local Buddhist practices here in Seoul. We’ll partake in a few of them too, such as tea making and Sutra script writing. That’s right, culture never felt so calm. Please note: Exact temple activities could change depending on departure.
  • Seoul: One final night. One final meal together. It HAS to be the world’s most popular Korean cuisine – that’s right, it’s BBQ time. The perfect chance to reminisce with great Korean food and even greater people.

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Tour Variations

Picture:South Korean Soul Express

South Korean Soul Express (7 Days)

Mesmerising cities. Military history. Majestic mountain views. Magical food. We've got 7 epic days of spectacular South Korean sights ahead of us. From discovering Seoul with local guides to tasting traditional lunches - it's as authentic as it gets. Plus...

Next Departure: 27-Sep-2024
Starting at: USD 1,778.00

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