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Cycle Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador



Cycle three Central American countries, starting and finishing in Antigua

15 Days
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± USD 4,474.00
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± USD 298.00

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Exodus Travel
Cycle Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador
Travel Style
Small Group Tour with More Flexibility
Group Size
5 - 16
Age Group
16 - 99 Years


Cycle three Central American countries, starting and finishing in Antigua

Short Itinerary

Day 1.
Arrive Guatemala; Transfer To Antigua
Day 2.
Cycle Around Antigua; Coffee Tour And Free Afterno...
Day 3.
Transfer To San Jose De Caldera; Ride Around Acate...
Day 4.
Cycle Around Lake Atitlan; Boat Trip To Explore Vi...
Day 5.
Morning Ride To Cocales; Transfer To Pacaya; Volca...
Day 6.
Transfer, Then Short Ride To Mariscos; Boat Transf...
Day 7.
Boat Trip To Livingston And Caribbean Coast. 
Day 8.
Transfer To Rio Hondo; Cycle To Honduras And To Th...
Day 9.
Tour Of The Copan Ruins; Optional Afternoon Cyclin...
Day 10.
Cycle From Honduras To Guatemala To El Salvador In...
Day 11.
Morning Ride To Cinquera; Explore Town And Transfe...
Day 12.
Cycle To Aguilares; Transfer To Ahuachapan; Cycle ...
Day 13.
Downhill Ride To Zunzan; Transfer To Guatemala; Ri...
Day 14.
Cycle To Iztapa; Transfer To Antigua
Day 15.
End Antigua

Visited Countries (2): Guatemala, Honduras

Visited cities (4): Antigua Guatemala, Copán, Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan



This adventure into Central America showcases the best of the region, from the Pacific to the Caribbean coast. In Guatemala, we cycle around Lago Atitlan - a lake in an ancient crater where mountains and verdant hills circle the water. In San Juan, on the south shore of the lake, we meet and support the indigenous ladies that live here weaving vibrant fabrics. We also visit Antigua, one of Guatemala's oldest cities, home to colonial architecture and history. Delve into Honduras' history, learning of its Mayan past at the Copan ruins. Whilst in El Salvador we take La Ruta de las Flores - named for its flowers - through colourful villages and coffee plantations up to Apaneca. As well as challenging rides through tropical scenery there is time to discover other attractions of the countries we visit! 



  • * Three varied destinations and a unique mix of Spanish and Mayan cultures  * Lakes and Volcanoes  * Enjoy a guided tour of the UNESCO Copan Ruins * Cycle La Ruta de las Flores - named for its spectacular flowers  * Visit both the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts
  • Included in Price

    • All breakfasts are included throughout the trip. Restaurant stops for lunch and dinner are selected throughout the itinerary to allow you to try out good quality local cuisine. In Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, expect to see rice and beans as one of the main staples on the menu! For Guatemala, the hand-made tortilla is ubiquitous and delicious. Due to the proximity with Mexico, food can be spicy, and choices such as chiles rellenos, tamales, tacos, burritos etc are often found on menus. Indigenous regions feature many dishes with turkey, such as “kakik”, a turkey stew. The Caribbean region has “tapado” - a seafood stew cooked with coconut milk. Antigua is very cosmopolitan - Italian, French, Mexican, Thai, Indian and Chinese restaurants are all on hand.For Honduras, our stop in Copan offers a wide variety of restaurants (similar to Antigua in Guatemala). The typical Honduran plate is the “Plato Tipico”, a combination of beef, fried plantain, beans, rice, cabbage salad and a piece of salty local cheese, The “baleada” is a common snack: a flour tortilla filled with beans, cheese and sour cream.For El Salvador, definitely try the famous “pupusas”, thick hand formed tortillas with the centre filled with beans, cheese or a combinaton of the two, always accompanied by “curtido”, a spicy  salsa to add on top. Again, the “Plato Tipico” is always on hand.There are plenty of local beers to try in all three countries, with prices ranging from USD 1 to USD 3. Gallo in Guatemala, Salvavidas in Honduras and Pilsener in El Salvador are all great lager beers perfect for the tropical climate.
    • * All breakfasts * All accommodation (see accommodation section) * All transport and listed activities * Tour leader throughout * Flights from London (if booking incl. flights) * Cycling leader and support team * Local bike hire

    NOT included in price

  • * Travel insurance * Single accommodation only (available on request) * Visas or vaccinations
  • Travel Package

    DescriptionComing from Going to
    Tour (Round Trip) Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala

    This is an Organised Group Tour: the itinerary has been predefined by the tour operator. The tour destinations, duration, accommodations, departure dates and the price are fix. You can join, enjoy and meet other people.



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