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Cycling from Utrecht



Center-based cycling trip around the historical city of Utrecht

6 Days
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Exodus Travel
Cycling from Utrecht
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Small Group Tour with More Flexibility
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12 - 99 Years


Center-based cycling trip around the historical city of Utrecht

Short Itinerary

Day 1.
Arrive In Utrecht
Day 2.
Round Tour South - New Dutch Waterline
Day 3.
Round Tour West - Rivers & Small Towns Along The W...
Day 4.
Round Tour North – Oostelijke Vechtplassen
Day 5.
Round Tour East – Castles, Orchards & Woods
Day 6.
Leave Utrecht



This single-centre cycling holiday is based in beautiful Utrecht, the Netherlands' fourth largest city and the country's religious centre since the 8th century. The city's ancient centre has many structures and buildings that date back to the High Middle Ages (1000 - 1250 AD) having been the country's most important city until Amsterdam took up the mantle during the Dutch Golden Age (1581 - 1672 AD). Still a major trade centre, sitting on the banks of the River Rhine, places of particular interest ar the Cathedral of Saint Martin and the Dom Tower, the tallest belfry in the Netherlands. As well as many theatres, art galleries, museums and music venues, the city also has a growing monument in the Letter sof Utrecht - an endless poem in the cobblestones of the Oude Gracht in Utrecht to which a letter gets added every Saturday. Utrecht was named a UNESCO City of Literature in 2017.A recurring theme along the routes on this trip is the Dutch Waterline (the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie 1870-1940) - this was an important military defence line in Dutch history. Canals and sluices made it possible to inundate large expanses of land to keep an advancing enemy at bay. In places where inundation was not possible forts were built, blending in with the landscape. You'll also cycle past the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park - the largest wooded area in the Randstad.



  • * Discover areas of natural beauty along the New Dutch Waterline - an important military defence line in Dutch history * Visit historical forts, castles and fortified towns * Discover the delights of one of Europe's most beautiful towns - Utrecht
  • Included in Price

    • The Netherlands offers a variety of famous cheeses and local specialities that may be found throughout the country. In Utrecht, Reypenaer is a unique artisanal cheese. A variety of Gouda, it is taken through a few maturation stages that take place in controlled conditions in an old warehouse near the Oude Rijn river.  There are three "aged" varieties: Reypenaer 1 year has a soft creamy texture and flavours that are slightly creamy, fruity, salty, and nutty. The slightly longer aged Reypenaer VSOP, aged for 2 years, has a delicate crystalline texture, a strong, full flavour and aromas of caramel, wood, hazelnut and chocolate. The longest aged is Reypenaer XO Reserve, ripened from 2.5 to 3 years, provides a complex, deep-flavoured cheese with mature crystalline texture and aromas of cognac, walnuts, butter, caramel and grass.Dutch cuisine includes specialities such as krokets (various flavours including meat, seafood and cheese) that are breaded and deep-fried and can be eaten on their own or in a sandwich form in a bun or roll (broodje kroket);  stroopwafels, delicious caramel wafer biscuits originally from the city of Gouda. Other sweet treats include kletskop cookies, Weesper moppen cookies and Hopje candies flavoured with coffee and caramel.
    • * All accommodation * All breakfasts * Route directions and maps * High quality bikes

    NOT included in price

  • * Upgrade to Half Board * Upgrade to electric bike * Travel insurance * Single accommodation (available on request -compulsory supplement) * Visas or vaccinations
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    DescriptionComing from Going to
    Tour (Round Trip) Utrecht Utrecht

    This is an Organised Group Tour: the itinerary has been predefined by the tour operator. The tour destinations, duration, accommodations, departure dates and the price are fix. You can join, enjoy and meet other people.



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