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Cycling in Mongolia



Cycle through the Mongolian wilderness - nomadic ger camps, steppes and forests

15 Days
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Starting at
± USD 3,634.00
Price per day
± USD 242.00

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Exodus Travel
Cycling in Mongolia
Travel Style
Small Group Tour with More Flexibility
Group Size
4 - 14
Age Group
16 - 99 Years


Cycle through the Mongolian wilderness - nomadic ger camps, steppes and forests

Short Itinerary

Day 1.
Start Ulaan Baatar.
Day 2.
Morning Sightseeing Followed By A Traditional Mong...
Day 3.
Ride To Tal Tolgoi Well Via The Small Township Of ...
Day 4.
Cross Tuluugiin Pass; Camp.
Day 5.
Arhangai Steppe Ride Through Undulating Country To...
Day 6.
Short Climb To Cross Kholboogin Pass (1649M) Befor...
Day 7.
Cycle Up Khunjiin River Valley To Camp Beneath Mt....
Day 8.
Short Climb Past The Headwaters Of The Khunjiin; D...
Day 9.
Half-Day Ride To Tsetserleg; Capital Of Arhangai, ...
Day 10.
Morning Ride In Foothills Of The Khangai Mountains...
Day 11.
Cycle Across Undulating Steppe To Mt. Ondor Khairk...
Day 12.
Ride The Khangai Mountain Range On Good Jeep Track...
Day 13.
Ride To Karakorum And Erdene Zuu Monastery; Overni...
Day 14.
Drive To Ulaan Baatar, Visit Sand Dunes At Mongol ...
Day 15.
End Ulaan Baatar.



Mongolia remains a mysterious presence in the heart of Central Asia [1], a traditional country where visitors are still an unusual sight. Nomads wander the grasslands, setting up their white gers (tents) where the pasture is lush for their horses. On our bikes, we follow good trails across wide, open steppe, into expansive mountain scenery and through larch and pine forests. Camping wild under the wide skies adds an adventurous edge to what is certainly one of our most intrepid cycle tours.[1] taxonomy/term/156


NOT included in price

  • * Travel insurance * Single accommodation  * Visas or vaccinations
  • Travel Package

    DescriptionComing from Going to
    Tour (Round Trip) Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar

    This is an Organised Group Tour: the itinerary has been predefined by the tour operator. The tour destinations, duration, accommodations, departure dates and the price are fix. You can join, enjoy and meet other people.

    Tour Variations

    Cycling in Mongolia - Naadam Festival Special Departure (17 Days)

    Cycle through the wild steppe and attend the Mongolian Olympics

    Next Departure: 27-Jun-2021
    Starting at: ± USD 4,054.00



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