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Travelling to Russia?

Visit destinations like Moscow, Saint Petersburg.

Russia is (by far) the largest country in the world. Population density outside the few major cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg) is very low. Siberia is almost "empty". The best way to see the place is either by a) taking a really, really long vacation or b) taking the Trans-siberian Railway fro Vladivostok to Moscow covering 5 time zones and 11000 kilometers.

For practical (touristic) purposes we split up Russia in 2 parts: 1) Russia in Europe and 2) Russia in Asia.

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The mighty Russian Federation has invaded it's neighbour Ukraine in Eastern Europe on 24-Feb-2022. Thousands of people died and millions are fled the killing, use of violence and destruction. Many economic and cultural sanctions plus boycotts have followed. For moral, practical and safety reasons we should NOT travel to Russia or Belarus till further notice.