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ToursOnTheWeb currently features about 25,000 destinations worldwide, including cities, attractions, national parks, temples, landmarks and other highlights. We created travel blogs that group destinations per region or per activity, so you can easier find tours that visit these places.

Best cities of Africa

Africa may be best known for wild animals, rainforest, deserts and waterfalls, but there are also some really interesting old cities with history, architecture, palaces and spice markets.

Best of American National Parks

The USA have several national parks and reserves that are must-sees for Americans and foreigners. Especially the states of California, Utah and Arizona have parks unlike anything else. Some are deserts, others feature gigantic trees or caves. Nature in the USA, outside the main cities, is beautiful.

Best of Asia

Asia is the largest continent of all where 50% of the world population lives. It also has the largest variety of nature and wildlife anywhere. Nature must include the Himalaya Mountain Range, rice terraces, tropical forest with exotic flora and fauna and some of the best beaches in the world.

Best of Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are for most of us far-away, down-under with opposite seasons. These countries are very western with a lot of Asian migrants. In general there is a lot of space with low population density. Travelling in a group or with your own car, campervan or mobile home is highly recommended.

Best of China

China offers any traveler life time experiences, with cultural highlights that cannot be found anywhere. There is more than huge cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Some landscapes and rice terraces are truly amazing. Chinese food is varied and is quite different from foreign Chinese cuisines.

Best of Great Britain and Ireland

Travelling the British Islands and Ireland can be very rewarding. Covering five different countries (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern-Ireland and Ireland) with similar culture but a variety of things to do. Most travelers will consider more than one country and not only stick with London. Rightly so.

Best of India

India is called a subcontinent by itself. It is the most populous country in the world and guarantees very memorable experiences. This includes not only Hindu temples and very old cities, but also colorful sarees, curries, tigers and cricket.

Best of Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean represents many European, African and Middle-Eastern countries. It may be difficult to see all in one trip, but here are some highlights. Since this is a Sea, cruises are good options to visit the region.

Best of North-America

North America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Greenland) is a large continent. Most American cities may look similar with high-rises and skyscrapers, but there are a few exceptions. When it comes to nature and wildlife, there is so much to see and look out for from mountains to hot springs, from polar bears to orcas.

Best of Scandinavia

Scandinavia in Northern Europe can consist of different countries, with or without Finland or the Baltic states. What they have in common is the climate, snow in winter and a low population density. Looking for nature and outdoor sports? You have come to the right place!

Best of South-America

South America is a great continent for nature and spectacle. It features the tropics, mountains, deserts, glaciers, flora, fauna and everything in between. Great cities, wines, music and Latin flair round up this great travel destination.

Best of the Alps and Central Europe

The Alps Mountain Area spreads several countries of Central Europe. As with any mountain range but especially in Europe, there are many beautiful villages, mountain peaks and lakes all absolutely worth visiting.

Best Safaris and National Parks in Africa

Africa is the continent for great safaris to see lions, elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests and gorillas in their natural environment. Most countries have national parks to protect them from people, agriculture and poaching. The great migration between Tanzania and Kenya is famous, but there is so much more.

Best Wine Regions in the world

Wine degustation, nice food and wellness are not-so-serious travel options. They fall under the categories "take it easy and relax", "luxury travel" and "simply enjoy life without stress". There is more to travel than sight-seeing, activities and exploring ancient cities day in, day out. A good glas of wine in a beautiful vineyard can be so rewarding.

Bicycling Vacation in The Netherlands and Belgium

The Netherlands and Belgium are great countries for bicycle vacations and this for three main reasons: 1) the countries are mostly flat, 2) there are lots of safe, dedicated bicycle paths and 3) there is lots to see with short distances between places. The only disadvantage... it can be windy.

Canada and The Great Outdoors

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world and has only 40 million people. There is a lot of space between St. Johns (Newfoundland) and Vancouver (British Columbia). The Eastern part of the country, Ontario and Quebec, are especially beautiful during Indian Summer, where maple leaves turn green, yellow and red.

Escape the city, enjoy Island Life

The list of great islands is long, varying from places for adventure to comfortable, luxury honeymoon getaways. Some islands are remote and difficult to get to, others are so easy to reach that they may get overcrowded. Here is a list of the most famous islands (or major cities on them).

Most Amazing Lakes in the world

Lakes are natural settings that everyone loves. We use them for fishing, water sports as well as relaxing and just enjoying the view. Lakes come in all sizes, from small mountainous glacier lakes to the mighty Great Lakes of the USA & Canada and Lake Victoria in Africa.

Most Beautiful Rice Terraces in the world

Rice Terraces show tranquility and give you this feeling of Back to Nature, away from technology. Rice grows in many Asian countries. Depending on season they can appear like mirrors (reflecting lakes), green paradise or golden miracles.

Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

Some people tell us not to chase waterfalls! Why not? The beauty and sound of the river falling down a cliff, the water splashing creating rainbows, the amazing sights from above and the enormous power are very much worth the travel in summer and winter.

Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Europe is called the old continent. It has some really great cities, where it is very worth being and enjoying with your romantic partner. Regardless whether you like fine dining, old buildings and city squares, beaches, operas and musical festivals, postcards or selfies, you can find it here.

Mountains, Volcanoes and Trekking around the world

Mountainous regions exist around the world. Sometimes we may not be aware of the origins, whether it is a true mountain or a volcano, but impressive it always is. Only when we reach the top and we see a glacier, or a smelly volcanic lake, then we know for sure. Sights across the region can be impressive either way.

Travelling Iceland and Greenland

Iceland and Greenland are neighbouring, cold countries located in Northern Europe and North America. It is possible and could be convenient to visit both in one, longer trip covering some of the most amazing natural places in the world for example with a land-tour and a sea cruise.

Travelling the Iberian Peninsula

Iberia has two parts: Spain and Portugal. These countries are so much alike and still so different. In Spain many people speak Spanish only, but in Portugal English is also widely spoken. Maybe it has to do with TV, Radio and other media... Both are warm in climate, for people relationships and outdoor activities. For many reasons they get a lot of visitors and permanent migrants.

Treasures of Buddhism

Buddhism has created beautiful temples for followers of Siddhartha Gautama, Lord Buddha. He lived and taught in Nepal and India for all of his 80+ wise years, but his teachings, theories and lessons were written down in Sri Lanka. Buddhism exists mainly in Eastern Asia.

Treasures of Christianity

Christianity has created beautiful churches and cathedrals around the world. All are welcoming international guests of any religion. Here are some of the most sacred places and pilgrimage destinations for Christians.

Treasures of Islam

The Islam religion has created amazing sights and sacred places for its Muslim followers to practice. Most cities are open and accessible for everyone of any religion, with a few exceptions restricted to Muslims only. Here are some of the most incredibly beautiful mosques and places of worship to visit around the world.

Wonders of the Civilised World

There are a lot of ancient and cultural wonders of the world that have been built by people. Some still exist and are in use, others are memories of the past and some are historical ruins. Most of them are still worth the visit, though some information on the background of the building is advised.

Wonders of the Natural World

There are still many places in the world with a large degree of unspoiled nature, lots of wildlife and great flora. Some of these Gardens of Eden are under threat by people, others are hidden or protected areas like national parks and UNESCO.