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Travellers in Age Group 18-39 years

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Group tours are designed for people to travel and see the world together. Many tours are open for anyone to join and you may get a mix of different people with different interests in the group: singles, couples, families, adventurous, luxurious, younger and older. This may be what you want and are comfortable with, but this may not be the case for everyone all the time. For this reason tour operators may specialise.

(eg. Contiki Tours)

Tour Groups for travellers in age group 18 to 39 years is a specialisation. Children and seniors are here not welcome. This opens the doors for more active, more adventurous vacations, destinations and experiences. This can still include comfortable bus tours visiting famous cities and architecture in Europe, but also sailing tours in Croatia, mountain trekking in Nepal, diving in Australia and relaxing with fine food in Thailand. The list is long.

An unofficial but important component of group tours for under-40s is the social aspect. Travellers of similar age may have similar things to talk about, even if from different countries or cultures. This can include former travel experiences, but also study, job, music or the world in general. These tours are ideal for singles. Evening cocktails, dancing, hammocks and beach parties may occasionally be part of the fun. Many romantic relationships started here and continued long past tour end.

Following three travel companies are specialised in under-40s travel:

  1. Contiki, since 1962
  2. Topdeck, since 1973
  3. INTRO travel, since 2005

Travellers in this age group may make travel and enjoying life a priority. Some like to take a leap year after finishing university, or before taking that new job, or before starting a family with kids. This does make a lot of sense. If you have the desire to travel longer, than you should make this a priority. Don’t wait till the right time comes and everything is just perfect, because it won’t happen. There will always be something in the way. Hardly ever will you have the time AND the money AND the desire AND the right age / energy. The world itself is also changing.

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